For the longest time, computers and the internet were the biggest inventions that we had seen. With time, computers became smaller and turned into laptops that could be carried around conveniently to allow people to use them on the go. Technology has improved immensely since then and now we are able to do anything and everything with a phone. Mobile technology has really taken the world of technology by storm. Smartphones can conveniently bridge the gap between computers and mobile devices.

Gambling as an industry has seen immense growth with people opting to use their smartphones to place bets on horses, sports, and games that they enjoy. Gambling companies have adopted this trend with open arms and this can be seen from the increasing number of products catered towards smartphones. Mobile gambling apps have come a long way since they first began to show up. However, they still do have miles to go before they can completely replace the computers or laptops.


Casinos have been more than open to allowing their users to log in and play through the smartphones. Long before this trend was catching on, casinos invested heavily in technology that would change how people played and hence have been able to preempt the trend by putting in place software that supports the smartphones of every kind like iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry’s Androids and so on. Some notable features:

Most of the casino sites do not require you to download any software to be able to play using your smartphone. They use browser based technologies like Flash, Java or HTML and initially when apple phones were introduced, this was a major problem. However, now there are several options available on the iTunes App stores.

Most importantly, using gambling apps and playing through your phone will require a good stable broadband connection since the data required will be streamed through the browsers.

Mobile casinos will offer you the full gamut of games on their site but the options will be relatively smaller. So, you may be able to access only about 10 tables per site or about 20 slots.The graphics, visual and audio quality is high for smartphones and you will have a pleasant experience.

Also, casinos do not tend to provide all the banking options to mobile users and filling up forms online can tend to be a little time-consuming and frustrating.

One aspect to remember is the storage and the memory of your phone. If it is low, it may affect the performance of the phone itself.


Sports Betting which is an activity to predict the results in a game and placing wagers or bets on them. This has taken on gigantic proportions with a great amount of interest created by people who follow several games. Sports betting is quite common all over the world and many online casinos offer the facility to pace bets on your favorite teams. Some notable features of using the mobile apps to place bets on your favorite sports

Sports betting features are probably one up over the casino games such as poker, slots, bingo and other table games. Casinos tend to offer the same functions that you would see on your desktop or laptop on the online platform. You can place bets on all the sports, and place live bets as well. With the popularity of such betting hitting the roof, you will find a vast number of options for apps that will suit your phone. Make sure you go through reviews on BettingApps before you pick the best ones for your phone.

Unlike casino and game apps, sports betting sites do not require you to stream massive amounts of gaming data. You can place bets even if your internet connections are slow.

The downside in an app for betting is the amount of time it takes to reach the page or sport of your concern. There is quite a bit of scrolling since the screen is smaller compared to your laptop

Mobile users are given quite a few incentives to join the sites and such promotional bonuses and free bets should be used to benefit your purpose. The mobile phone technology for gambling apps and its growth has been nothing short of impressive in the last couple of decades but they do have a long way to go before they can give laptops a run for their money.